Part two of our discussion with Vicki from the NDIA, this week in New Horizons.  Hear the conclusion of the adaptive technology discussion, how the N...View Details

Demystifying the NDIS is the topic for the next couple of weeks on New Horizons.  We speak with Vicki Rundell, deputy CEO of the NDIA about alternate...View Details

NewHorizons - Episode 584

In this edition we hear from Graeme Innes, former disability discrimination commissioner.  Graeme updates us on the work he has been leading on estab...View Details

New Horizons Episode 583

In this episode we speak with Emma Bennison, CEO of Blind Citizens Australia, and President John Simpson.  Hear about the 43rd Annual General Meeting...View Details

In this week's programme, we hear from Sally Ulrisch, acting State Coordinator for NSW/ACT, with Blind Citizens Australia.  She informs us of a very ...View Details

In this episode we hear about a new project which BCA will soon be running to train blind and vision impaired people as mentors, and hone leadership s...View Details

In this week's episode we discuss employment.  Specifically, we speak with Matt Colins, a participant in Vision Australia's Career Start programme. ...View Details

In this episode, we hear from Graeme Innes.  Among other things, Graeme is a member of the board of the Jeffrey Blyth foundation, and is here to upda...View Details

In this episode, some follow-up with Martin Stewart featuring some excellent news for travellers on Sydney public transport.  The main feature is wit...View Details

In this episode of New Horizons we speak with Martin Stewart of Melbourne.  Martin was recently named Blind Australian of the year by the Blind Allia...View Details

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