The focus this week is on the upcoming edition of Blind Citizens News, Blind Citizens Australia's quarterly magazine.  Ahead of an interview with edit...View Details

Audio description is again our feature on New Horizons this week.  We speak with Will McRostie from Melbourne, about Description Victoria, and a reall...View Details

In this week's programme we speak with returning guest, and BCA staff-member, Angela Jaeschke.  Angela discusses her new role, and informs us of the i...View Details

We speak, in this week's episode, with Dianna Kube, and Tim Haggis, both of whom joined BCA two weeks ago - Dianna as Policy and Advocacy Team Leader,...View Details

This week we speak with Philip and Tess from the Australian Network on Disability.  The describe an interesting opportunity for blind or vision impair...View Details

This week brings us the second part of our discussion from Global Accessibility Awareness Day.  Andrew Arch, principal consultant with Intopia, talks ...View Details

This is the audio edition of Blind Citizens News, for April 2020.  It has been broken up into chapters for your convenience.  It is narrated and produ...View Details

In this, the first episode to come out of our recently held Happy Hour on Global Accessibility Awareness day, we hear what the day is about, and we he...View Details

In this episode, we revisit Episode 471, from late 2016.  We hear from padraig naughton who discusses some of the differences between blindness servic...View Details

This week we revisit episode 439, from 2016.  Steve Richardson wrote the New Horizons theme-song, and talks about the programme, themes which have bee...View Details

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